Childhood Crush Of Mine


Have you all thought that everything will be ok, u found a new crush, but suddenly the world goes twisted, you see your childhood crush all grown up?

Last December 25, 2005, I did. It all started when my family (dad's side) are having this joyous party. My mom wasn't there, it wasn't the Christmas I expected to be, but anyway, around the afternoon, my mom called us, she said, "Your dad said it's alright for you to spent your Christmas here in Las Pinas."
And so we agreed, we traveled on to Las Pinas. Little I don't know is...Christian. yes, that was his name....he's HERE in 'Pinas!!! I was lyk, "Geez! Why didn't u tell me, oka-san? I could've look better!!!" I told them. I was so pissed off. I really wanted to see attention was now on how I look... I was so anticipated!!! Lyk it's been two years...literally, it has been, if we didn't see each other this year, it will be three years. Although when we got there, I thought it was too uncle and his sons are going back now...and i was lyk, "it-was-a-waste-of-time."

Yeah, I did thought that, but my grandma forced me...and worst, accompanied me...I was regretting...I should've kept my mouth shut. I was so nervous when we were outside his big mansion...ok, maybe i'm exaggerating, but i can't deny it's huge. I really started to regret, I told them, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea, he may not even know me now at all! Let's go back!" I told my grandma, but my grandma called HIM.
Lucky me there's a van to hide. I went circles. He was looking for me but I hid, knowing I am shy right now, he just played with Ethan's (cousin) puppy.

I sighed in relief...(don't add it with a soap opera theme song!). Ahh! My grandma's forcing me again, she was pulling my arm so hard, that she broke my precious bracelet!!!! I was now not hiding, I was so angry! It was given by a classmate and now it's broken!!!

"Mama!!! Sinira mo bracelet ko! Bigay sa kin to ni ______!" I said. Christian was about to go inside, but then he turned around.
"Sino si _______?" he asked. then my grandma replied, "Ah! babaeng _____!" she said.

Correction, it was a boy, grandma, a BOY!!!

Then at the end... I finally saw him eye to eye...he was...Okay. The first word he said was "Hi."
and I was so shy I also said nothing but "Hi."
Argh! I hate myself, but then finally...I now know that...he still remembers me...and that's all it matters that somehow, I can't be forgotten.


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