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Did any of you heard of a soap opera with a pastiche where your love dies just for you? Perhaps some of you do. It would've been very hurtful...But when you're already falling for someone, and in a switch she/he's gone...can you forget her/him easily? The person who changed you, who conversed your twisted dark heart to a shallow one? The person whenver you see him/her, your heart screams or sometimes the weight of your stare beomes heavy??? Would you easily forget and move on the one who makes you smile a whole day, the one who makes you in awe and never go sarcastic? Is it really easy to forget? But why in some people said it does...while you for about two years you've been hiding, regretting his/her death, sleeping alone in a bungalow? And when you tried to go move on, memories with him/her invades your mind, then having a deadly syndrome, you tell your friends, "There's no cure," meaning you're giving up???
Tell me, you're drifiting....drifting to the shallow waters until you sink.

But still, why do they say it is easy? The person who was always making your day pure morning sunshine, suddenly sank to the clouds....the wind replaces and gives yout he lonely storm of regret. But how could it be that easy to forget and move on the person you love deeply, the person who's always been there for you, even not physcally...I mean...when you had a deadly syndrome, would you let yourself to the heavens just to meet her again? Try and move on to forget, but when someone asks you, "What is important to you?" you ignore, his/her memories with you invades you again. Then asks you again. "Would you let me take the happiness from you?"

In your mind, the first one pops out, it was the person...Then for all the people you really love, the memories you have remembered, he/she's the only one you really love and care about....Isn't tjhat mean when the first one who goes in your head, the MOST important to you?

Beyond this road, running on far and long
must surely be something we can believe in
If, like a traveler in the wind
you went on,
aiming for the northern skies
The hot emotions that have begun to disappear
Glitter and wave once more
Within my heart
I don't want to cry,
you see so I don't give in to my weak self
Huge wings
Unseen only by eyes
Held by undecorated hearts
Spread your hands; while singing
Be embraced by eternal time
And connect with life
Beyond this road, running on far and long
must surely be something we can believe in


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