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Has anyone remembered Digimon? I meant the first series? Tai...Sora...Mimi...Yamato...Izzy...Joe...TK..and Kari?Maybe some of u don't. But anyway...I just want to give this post, a dedication: TO Yamato and Mimi.Let me tell you a little history about this. It all started on a Summer kids were sucked into another world. Namely, they all got digimons, digital monsters.
Well, I'll just give you this memorable quote."Isn't she cute?" TK asks Yamato as he points to Mimi. He averted his head away and said, "Whatever."----a typical answer for eleven year olds. They're shy.
It was been very shocking. In season one, they were hinting, Taiora-one of the most popular choice, Mimato-has been said the cutest coupling, and Takari-the so-called young love.

For Taiora-Tai and Sora had been best buds ever, in the season, they somehow show some feelings towards each other, and u will also notice they're always side-by-side. But anyway, as the story goes on...Sora liked Yamato, leaving Tai. I really like this couple, I regret Sora gave the cookies. Tai became hopeless.

Mimato- ahh. my favorite. Mimi and Yamato. TK's close to Mimi and Yamato, Joe's close to Mimi and Yamato the only problem is they don't interact as the way Tai and Sora act. This is also one of the most popular choice. but Mimi flew to America, leaving Yamato. maybe he lost hope. an anyway, Mimi has a boyfriend in the US, Michael, and at the end Mimi with Michael while Yamato with Sora. It wasn't Yama who asked Sora out, it was Sora who made the first move.

Takari-the obvious one. their digimons are both angels, their crests are compatible. but unfortunately, they still didn't end up at the end, so, it wasn’t a great happy ending.
The ending for the fans was not the happy-ending they wanted, but still, Michi, Sorato and Daikari was despised mostly by fans.

~On the episode, "The Birth of Greymon", TK asks Matt if he thinks Mimi is cute and Matt, obviously (being a typical 11 year old), says no and kind of acts embarassed over the question.

~On the episode, "Almost Home Free", Mimi and Matt were sitting next to eachother and they were touching knees. Also, at the end, they started staring at eachother after Ikkakumon battled with Gesomon.

~On episode 43 (I can't remember the name), Tai starts yelling at Mimi while all the other digimon and digidestined stand around shocked. Matt then steps up and starts arguing with Tai.
~On episode 45, Matt leaves the group and then Mimi suddenly wants to leave (many Mimato fans refer to this as Mimi's 'if Matt's gone, I'm gone' attitude. She actually did this twice during the first season).

~On the episode, "The Earthquake of Metalgreymon", Sora was captured and the digidestined had to save her. Matt then trusts Mimi to protect his younger brother (and everyone knows how overprotective Matt is).

~In one episode, when Matt was battling Etemon, Mimi and TK are worried about him and rush to help him.

~On the episode, "Togemon In Toy Town", the digidestined were walking through the sewers and Mimi said, "Walking through the sewers isn't so bad if you have a secret admirer with you" and she stared directly at Matt.

~On one of the episodes, Mimi screamed because she was afraid of the monsters and Matt steps up and says, "Those monsters don't scare me." Is he trying to act tough for Mimi?

~I don't know what episode this is from but apparently, in the Japanese version, there's a small scene where Mimi and Matt are holding hands.

~During 01, most of the time when Matt starts getting into a fight, Mimi usually starts crying. Is it because she's worried about the blond-haired cutie?

~* 02 Hints and Evidence *~
~On episode 7, Matt was talking to Tai and suddenly shouts out, "Oh, I forgot! I left Mimi on the phone! Her phone bill!" although this hint could only be seen on the American version (in Japan, he said he left the oven on but that probably seemed too weird so the line was changed).Sorry for the lack of evidence in 02 but there was practically nothing since Sora ended up with Yamato (I've said it before and I'll say it again, Poor Taichi!).



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