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Hello and you've just stopped by to the newly improved, Divinity!!! As I looked back at my old posts I thought they were childish, but I decided to keep them, right after I have more posts to come. Though, this time, I would be putting out much more about myself. Well, I got news.
I lived my life playing the PS One ever since I was 5. I lived within my eyes watching anime---most known-s YuYu Hakusho, Dragon Ball and Flame of Recca. I grew up playing boyish games and guess what, I still have my beyblade and crush gear!
In my adolescent stage, I've feared. Feared and felt so insecure that maybe I was the only one in my school who ever loved and put her own tears in for Final Fantasy 7. Maybe I was alone in my school who even adored and got so enthusiastic in Tekken at the arcade. I cannot benefit myself to my friends either, since I am so different than the other girls who always talk about boys and gossip, but my main topic in a favored talk are LTs or Love Triangles in fictional and reverie. "I reckon Cloud should blah blah blah..." "Yamato went to Mars to be so far away from Sora blah blah blah..." Yes, I am one of the stereotypes to always put the recent topic away and revert it into another.
But what made my friends so in rage and pure wicked Crimson Jazz shock is I play DoTA. Well, I used to though I still want to. Why? Because...friends, peers and even teachers hate DoTA. Exception of the guys of course. Though, I want to thank you Juanito and Kenji for teaching me this. I don't have any idea nor a sense to put on why people are so putting their grudge into it. What's wrong with them? It's a matter of doing of a person and they can't change that. We love that, and you can't change that. "Wasting money..." "Such lesbian..."
I've asked people from forums about their thoughts about it. And want to know what they replied? They told me that, it was my personal choice and no one should interfere other than you. Lots of women also play DoTA, and if they call you such an addict about it, you would've been sent in a ward ages ago. (wipes tears in my eyes) Not even my best friends can defend what in what I am doing...
And PLEASE...playing the PS2/PS3/RPGs, please mark my words. "It's not an addiction, it's a hobby." What is this? Sexism? It's really annoying when someone will judge you playing DoTA because you're a girl!


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