Just Want to be Alone


Honestly, I have no idea whether I love my friends or not. Maybe because of the fact that they do not feel the same friendship for me still. I feel like they don't entrust me as much and with that I guess I just really want to be alone. And maybe, when I meant alone, I guess I don't pretty much need them. I'll enclose my world to them, and let's see, if they'll miss me as such, because truthfully they only worth a cent right now. Frankly the computer is the onyl one to keep me happy and forget them, my only sanctuary, yus. I just don't love them anymore and...maybe it would be better if I would keep myself distance from them. Haha, they wouldn't miss me. Damnit would be better.

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Story for the Realist


by Achii

Tell him that I like him,
Confess that I’ve been yearning him for years,
As shallow it may seem,
I cannot tell that now I still have my fears.

He smiles at me and calls my name,
I wonder if he even liked me that way,
Does he think of love all for game?
Does he think of love last for a day?

He walks up to me and says hello,
I flustered in pink and he suddenly frowned,
I didn’t know until he shook his head no,
I think he already knows, he read me without sound.

He then apologized to me,
Said we can’t be together,
He said I already love someone you see,
I didn’t get him til he said he has another.

However I didn’t care what he said,
I know as long as I wait,
I’ll even wait for us to get wed,
I’ll keep up my faith.

He then walked away,
I know this is no dream,
He then got nothing more to say,
Oh how wistful this just seem.



I'm going to put a one archive for my fanfictions/poems...if anyone's interested to read, that is.
The reason why I'm doing this is because I'm really bored. So bear with me and everyone will be happy.
Title: Monochrome
Status: In Progress
Category: Video Games: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Roxas/Namine/Sora
Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Namine returns back to her hometown, entering a private school that was initiated with guns and threats, she's caught up in the middle of the leaders of the Black[Riku] and White's[Roxas] war. Can she put peace as the Gray leader?

Title: Oh Tachikawa!
Status: In Progress
Category: Anime: Digimon
Pairing: Yamato/Mimi
Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Chaotic is: Yamato likes Mimi. Mimi likes Yamato but thought he likes Sora, who likes Taichi, who used to like Mimi, now Sora! Read the bizarre love story of the four famous digidestineds and see if their hearts find a way before their eternal farewell!

Title: Something In Seven
Status: In Progress
Category: Video Games: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Cloud/Aerith

Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Drama
Summary: From his youth, Cloud lived his life only to breathe. At the age of 14, he meets someone that changed his point of view in life. In 16, she left. Four years later, she comes back with an unexpected twist.

Title: Will You Ever Learn
Status: Complete
Category: Anime: Digimon
Pairing: Yamato/Mimi
Rated: T

Genre: Romance
Summary: KO. It's over. We're through, or just I don't love you anymore. Mimi frankly breaks up with Yamato...does it hurt?

Title: Destination XYZ
Status: Complete
Category: Anime: Digimon
Pairing: Yamato/Mimi
Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary:Just a day at the mall won’t hurt, and we find out how Yamato can be the sweetest guy in the world. Or maybe, the corniest one too.

Title: The Lonely Song
Status: Complete
Category: Anime: Digimon
Pairing: Yamato/Mimi
Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: A Valentine tribute for Mimi and Yamato, through the years they've been saving each other's backs, will these two ever realize apart from remaining the sibling love?

Status: In Progress
Category: Anime: Digimon
Pairing: Taichi/Sora
Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: In toy cars to barbie dolls, from your youth we've seen in our own eyes, now in our teenage years,i just wish somehow you could see right through me. And that's what I, Taichi Yagami feels.

Title: Gunning Down Romance
Status: In Progress
Category: Video Games: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Roxas/Namine
Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: “It’s not easy to find a person to love someone like me,” he retorted coldly. She weakly smiled. “I’m sorry.” He’s a member of a crime elite, she’s his objective. He manipulated her to fell in love with him. Eventually, he fell back.




Divinity would soon be moved at my upcoming domain, seraphica.org! *Squees*

anyway, I've just came back from the publication and woah, Tatel ain't that bad at all. *takes back all the venting*, he's actually a good listener, and playful too, a big ego as well he has. And finally, Nica-san and I are having friendship bonding!!! ^^She's really nice and kawaii!!! Funny, when Allen wasn't in the room yet, the three of us were deadly quiet, although, we talk freely to each other. But when she and Tyne bursted out from the door, woah it was a hell war!!! We talked so much, Tatel's love life, my anime life, Nica-san's ex, hehe, Tyne's personalities, and more teasing from Allen!!!




My cousins visited yesterday due to Mother's Day. Sadly I have to spend my time calming down my two cousins who would gladly love to kill each other. Daphne Rianne Tan, my lil cousin is slapping her older brother, Dane Aaron Tan!!! XD Talk about their sibling issues! AC and I were both pissed off, annoying lil rascals were ruining our day, asking for paper, going in and out of the room, very noisy, hands are very mischievous, and I can't believe that my 8 year old cousin is saying "bitch" XD
I still haven't got an SMS from Tatel, I was expecting a call for a meeting this week, but there's none and so as the other members. I still have no contact with Richelle ever since the 3rd of May, she hadn't SMS-ed me too! ='( I though we were best friends!!! DJ is forgetting me because I'm so far away, and so as Tyne and Piyoko!!! *sad* Jed and Lei aren't even texting to me anymore!!! They are so mean!!! T.T
Speaking about Tatel, he's really a snob, here's the SMS we had:

Achii: Wat article?
Tatel: election
Achii: okay...how many words?
Tatel: Depends on u.
Achii: okay. Do u play Final Fantasy?
Tatel: ...

Now aint that annoying!? T.T Harharhar, it's nice to know he didn't became SC president.
Recent days got dull and I don't want to go back to school. No. Way. So, I'm going to spend the rest of the vacation my butt stuck on the chair, my eyes on the monitor! Mwahaha....
Oh, and btw, Kevin is now half-bald!!! *laughs to death*

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